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The Journey Through The Expansion Of JVS

Here is the process we went through to make our workshop bigger and better than it was.

The first photo shows the wall, when it was up, and it slowly and steadily being removed so we can make more room for ramps and cars.

The next photo shows half of the wall removed and you can just see how big this area is behind the wall, but we will be putting a wall up here as then we are not wasting space, but there is additional space if we expand again.

The next photo shows nearly all of the wall removed and like I said for the previous photo, but you can see how much room there is but we are not using all of the space.

The next photo shows us putting a wall up further down so then it isn't just a massive, empty warehouse.

The next photo really shows how much of the wall we have put up.

The next photo shows the wall being fully built, all it needs now is just a bit of a spruce up.

The next photo shows that the wall and a bit of the floor has been filled in and painted and we chose white so then it fits with the workshop.

The next photo shows that the lighting above the bit where it has now been restored works as you need good lighting so then the mechanics can see what they are doing when working on the cars.

The next photo shows the ramps being put in place and being ready to use for when a car comes in to be looked at because of an issue, such as brakes.

The last photo of this journey is a far shot of the ramps and the rest of the workshop.

So that is the journey of when we removed and added a wall to make more space as there is a high demand of cars coming into the workshop to be looked at.

So now I have showed you the progress pictures from us removing and adding a wall, we have taken some pictures since then to show you what the workshop looks like now.

In this photo, you can the wall that has recently been put up and you can see some ramps.

In this photo, you can see a commerical ramp, so this is where we have commerical vans that need to be looked at, so for example the Ford Transit Van that is in the photo.

In this photo, you can see that the tyre rack has been moved into the corner where you enter the workshop.

So, in the last photo, it is just a view over the whole workshop so you can see how big it is and how we can accommodate so many vehicles as once.

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