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ADAS Calibrations

Work involving accident damage repair, suspension, windscreen replacement or wheel alignment will also require an ADAS calibration 

ADAS Calibration in Lincoln

ADAS Calibrations in Lincoln

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) are the systems that help drivers whilst on the road or when parking. They are intended to increase the levels of safety whilst driving and provide a useful aid when parking vehicles to ensure that the car doesn't hit obstacles.  

An update to the UK Insurance Industry Requirements has increased the need for ADAS services to be carried out on vehicles. Inspection, realignment and calibration requirements must be considered where ADAS features have been included in the repair, service or maintenance procedure. This may include bodywork involving the movement of the ADAS sensors or work involving the electronic control systems in the car. JVS are an approved facility to be able to perform these services, with our Master Technician fully IMI qualified in this area.

- Any vehicles with any of the ADAS systems that require 4-wheel alignment after an accident will also require an ADAS calibration.
- All ADAS calibrations will also require a 4-wheel alignment before it can be carried out.
- A road test is required after all ADAS calibrations, after which the vehicle will begin to 'self-learn'.
- All ADAS calibrations are supplied with a full ADAS report. 

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Watch our Head Technician, Grant, explain what ADAS is and why it's required >>>
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