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Back in May last year we had a Lexus IS300h come all the way from London for us to have a look at and do some proper testing. The vehicle had covered over 180,000 miles. It had no power when you put your foot right to the floor and it would start to misfire and pop and bang. Apparently an unfixable car said the customer as it’s been to 4 garages and a Lexus main dealer. The customer at his wits end was about to send the vehicle to auction so we were the last chance to get a fix, no pressure. The parts cannon had no more parts left in it to fire. It had new camshaft sensors, new VVT-I controllers, a 2nd had transmission fitted with new oil and a filter all with out fixing the vehicle. We had only 1 code stored in the engine ECM which was poor engine power. So we got testing and within 3 hours of testing we found out what was the fault. The catalytic converter was blocked up with what looked like carbon. The customer confirmed a carbon clean was performed on the vehicle which must have had

loosened off carbon from the EGR system which blocked up the catalyst and stopped the engine from breathing from the exhaust and caused its poor engine performance. #testingnotguessing #picowpsforthewin #investedgarage

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