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Vellfire Transmission

Last year, we had a great result on a Toyota Alphard Vellfire.

A new customer to JVS had just bought the imported vehicle and wasn’t happy with the way the transmission was performing. This Vellfire was a 2.4 litre 2AZ-FE engine with a CVT transmission and had 113,000km on the clock, but the CVT oil had never been changed. We gave it the full treatment; new oil in the transmission, got it up to running temperature and rechecked and topped up the level.

We then used the genuine Toyota diagnostic tool called Techstream and carried out a memory reset of the transmission, followed by a CVT oil pressure calibration and also a deceleration sensor zero point. All codes were cleared, we retested the vehicle and found that the way it drove had been transformed. We had one very happy customer on his way to enjoy his new Vellfire!

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