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Test don't guess!!

We spend time and money investigating in tooling and training and it pays off. Last week we had a 2019 Kia Ceed come from a car dealer, it was a no start and it had been to the main dealer and several other garages without any success of resolving the issue of it not starting. Customer reported the dealer said it was a fuel pump issue. After several tests we confirmed the primary low pressure pump had no issues as well as the high pressure pump achieving the set fuel pressure the engine ECU wants to see before activating the fuel injectors. Timing was confirmed as good also there was good relative compression when tested and peek cylinder pressure. We went in the cylinder and the data indicated the exhaust had a restriction. The DPF pressure sensor did not register a high back pressure so the blockage had to be closer to the engine. We removed the air fuel ratio sensor which is directly behind the turbo but in front of the DPF catalyst but it still had high exhaust back pressure, which means it had to be down to the turbo. Removal of the air intake pipe and with an inspection camera we found the turbo compressor wheel nut had come off which had in turn caused the exhaust turbine wheel to move and restrict the exhaust gases from leaving the engine, this was causing an air restriction in the exhaust causing the no start. We fished the loose nut out and removed an exhaust manifold temperature sensor. With a turn of the key the engine roared into life confirming our diagnosis was correct. The data does not lie, no guessing just testing. Need a 2nd opinion ???? You can contact us on the following


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