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4 Rights

Being a Japanese vehicle specialist, we invest a lot of time and money into tooling and training. We train at one of the leading training centres in the UK and they have a motto which is “4 rights”...

1. Measuring the right thing

2. In the right way

3. At the right time

4. With the right tools

And if you think about this, it’s fool proof. With so much technology now in vehicles, using the right tools and the manufacturers' information can be so critical in getting a fix without reading a code and loading up the parts cannon to shoot at the vehicle.

We has a 2013 Honda CR-V in with an intermittent DPF light on, which showed a high DPF accumulation matter. We found a Technical Service bulletin for this issue. A software calibration was carried out on the engine ECU and several of the other computer modules to get it all up to date. A forced regeneration was carried out to get the DPF matter down to a health level.

Zero parts used, just the right tools and information.

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